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Víctor is a software engineer living in Guatemala City. Java Champion, OAS scholarships alumni, holder of a Msc. degree in Computer Science, OCA, OCP Java certifications and current CTO of Nabenik.

With 10 years of experience in the Java Enterprise sector as college professor, developer and software architect, he is the current Leader of the Guatemala Java Users group(the biggest Java Users Group in Central America), Duke's Choice Award winner (2016), jEspañol collaborator and instructor on MicroMasters.

Palestras deste(a) palestrante

Evento Trilha Data Palestra
TDC 2018 Porto Alegre Trilha Arquitetura Java 06/12/2018 MicroProfile for the busy developer
TDC 2019 São Paulo Trilha Kotlin 19/07/2019 Kotlin+MicroProfile: Teaching 20 year old tricks to a new language