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Rhuan Rocha

Rhuan Rocha
Red Hat

Java EE/Jakarta EE developer, speaker, author and Red Hatter. I'm specialist on Jakarta EE. In my journey, I develop, architect and analise distributed applications using Java EE/Jakarta EE and technologies of its ecosystem. Furthermore, I present lectures about several topics about Jakarta EE and wrote the book "Java EE 8 Design Patterns and Best Practices" to Packt.

Palestras deste(a) palestrante

Evento Trilha Data Palestra
TDC 2018 São Paulo Trilha Java Enterprise 17/07/2018 High Performance with Hibernate
TDC 2018 Porto Alegre Trilha Microservices II 07/12/2018 MicroProfile. Microservice on Java
TDC 2019 Florianópolis Trilha Arquitetura Java 23/04/2019 JNoSQL: Como o JNoSQL Aproxima o Jakarta EE do Mundo Cloud