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Jonatas Freitas

Jonatas Freitas

Full-stack developer over 15 years, solid skills with Linux servers and cloud computing, back-end and front-end. Good skills with electronic in IoT.

Experiences in projects for Mobile, Web and Desktop, already participated in projects of the most varied needs with geolocation services, bots for crawling/data mining, complex web systems, restful API, big data and others.

Currently studying C++, machine learning, deep learning and I.A.

Currently Senior Developer at Zenvia, working with Data Science.

My github profile:

Palestras deste(a) palestrante

Evento Trilha Data Hora Palestra
TDC 2018 Porto Alegre TRILHA JAVASCRIPT 08/12/2018 10:10 Monitore e metrifique suas aplicações Node.js com Influx e Grafana
TDC 2017 Porto Alegre TRILHA NODE.JS 10/11/2017 14:10 O poderoso e onipresente NodeJS.